Lab: United Nations Millennial Campaign, Boulder CO

The United Nations Millennial Campaign for the My World Initiative was looking for a strategic advisor on the launch of the My World campaign. The Global Brain hosted a Lab for the UN Millennial team to dive deep and strategize for the campaign.

We brought key players from the different organizations: UNDP, UN Millennial Campaign and London based Transformational Media Initiative to Boulder a four day ideation lab. We brainstormed their needs for the My World Initiative, talked through different approaches and had two full days of rapid prototyping sessions. We wanted them to prototype ideas around My World but also to really grasp an understanding for the technique so they could integrate into their campaign approaches and get a fresh perspective.One day was a one-on-one session with Tom Chi, the creator of Google Glass. The second day of prototyping we partnered with The Unreasonable Institute.

We were able to expose the UN to our innovative thinking and process. They walked away from that weekend inspired by how powerful creativity can be, how useful rapid prototyping as a tool is and how it’s integral to the campaigns they are doing.

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