People's Media Zone during the World Bank LJD Week

Natalia Vega-Berry, Co-Founder of The Global Brain, joins the team at Connect4Climate to create the first "Peoples Media Zone" 

Digital Hub will bring people, technology, innovation and media together to

to support fight against climate change


People’s Haus to Launch at Climate Action 2016 Summit, a Gathering of Global Leaders to Activate Paris Agreement on Climate Change 

Washington, DC (May 4, 2016) – Set amid the Climate Action 2016 Summit, which will convene global leaders will convene global leaders from government, business and civil society on May 5-6 in Washington, DC to showcase and discuss actions all sectors are already taking to make the Agreement a success, the People’s Hause will launch as a gathering space for bloggers, students, media, and civil society.

The People's Haus will serve as the Climate Action 2016 digital media hub, providing a fun and creative environment where people across all sectors can gather both physically and virtually to share ideas, messages, and solutions so that together we can deliver on our climate commitments.

The People’s Hause will be feature talks by Hakima El Haité, Minister in Charge of Environment, Kingdom of Morocco; Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Executive Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN); Peter Bakker, CEO of The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD); Dr. Oyun Sanjasuuren, President of the United Nations Environment Assembly; and popular scientist Bill Nye the “Science Guy.”

Activities in the People's Haus will also include virtual reality screenings of the award winning VR film “Collisions”, a social media photo booth, video messages to the world, satellite imagery displays, student interviews, and of course a coffee bar.

The People’s Hause is a part of The People+Planet Project (P+PP), a new action network for social good created to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the next 15 years. The P+PP is a cross-sector, cross-market, global community of change makers and action takers that streamlines communications and calls to actions from groups that are leading the movement to make the SDGs a reality. 

People’s Hause and P+PP are initiatives from The Global Brain Foundation, a creative innovation agency dedicated to purpose-driven work. Founder of The Global Brain and P+PP Campaign Director Natalia Vega-Berry created the People’s Hause to convene a community of individuals, businesses, nonprofits, NGOs and organizations to share creative, innovative ideas and collaborate purposefully to achieve the SDGs. 

“I believe that it’s time for us to be active participants in shaping the solutions to the challenges our world faces,” said Vega-Berry. “Only we can build the future that we want.”  

The People’s Haus will convene bloggers, technologists, media representatives, journalist, organization and business leaders at future summits and conferences throughout 2016.“…,” said Vega-Berry. “…”

About The Global Brain
The Global Brain Foundation is a creative-innovation agency headquartered in Boulder, CO, that works collectively to promote causes, organizations and brands that support a sustainable future. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for the emergence of social and environmental change using creative minds to mobilize action and create serious, scalable impact.

About the People+Planet Project

The People+Planet Project (P+PP) is an action network for social good created to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The platform aggregates content, tools and calls to action to engage a global community of individuals, businesses, NGOs and other organizations as they shift their lifestyles and business models to be more sustainable. Exclusive P+PP Campaigns will launch within the platform to engage different audiences around the economic, social and environmental foundations of sustainable development; the first P+PP Campaign will launch in early 2016.


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