There’s a Framework to Save the World You Should Know About

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The new Goals for Sustainable Development 

September 25 is a date you should know. On that day, world leaders will gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York to adopt the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also called the Global Goals, these goals are an agenda to end extreme poverty, fight inequalities and injustices and reverse the effects of climate change by 2030.

September 28 is also a date you should know: that’s when The Global Brain is going to officially announce the People + Planet Project (P+PP) at the Social Good Summit during UN Week in New York.

It’s going to be a big month.

The new Global Goals present an ambitious framework of objectives to regenerate the planet and revitalize how we live on it. They’ll be put into effect as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) conclude. Unlike the MDGs, which were eight goals focused primarily on alleviating poverty, the 17 Global Goals endeavor to address the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development as a whole. Agreed upon by the 193 UN member states, they’re a complete blueprint to guide national priorities through 2030, leaving no one behind.  

Beyond 2015, it’s up to us to carry the momentum of the Global Goals’ announcement and make sure that they’re part of mainstream conversations around the world.

This is why The Global Brain has been working with the Post-2015 UN Secretary-General Development Planning Team for the past year to develop a solution to help achieve the Global Goals. This solution is the People+Planet Project, an action network for social good that will be a catalyst to achieve the Global Goals.

The P+PP is different than any other post-2015 initiative. It is an action network for social good whose main purpose is to foster global collaboration around the Global Goals.

Launching January 1, 2016, the P+PP platform will convene initiatives from different organizations that support the Global Goals, aggregating their work and providing direct routes to action for the P+PP community to follow. The P+PP will host opportunities to engage in and co-create action-oriented solutions for the Global Goals, and additionally provide content, tools and exclusive campaigns within the platform. The first of the exclusive P+PP Campaigns will launch in early 2016; each P+PP Campaign will be economically, socially or environmentally focused (often overlapping) and target different audiences to galvanize action to achieve the Global Goals. 

P+PP’s community will be individuals and organizations, businesses and brands, NGOs and nonprofits; they will form an unprecedented coalition, united in common cause to support this universal transformation. The P+PP will provide content and tools for them to integrate socially responsible, globally conscious decisions into their lives and work.

Achieving the Global Goals is absolutely doable, but it’s going to take the collective effort of our global community. We face a tremendous opportunity to band together to make sure the Global Goals are realized. It’s time to reflect on how things are, raise our standards and take action to improve the way we live on the earth. The P+PP will lead this shift as we evolve to shape the world we want.  

Before those big dates later this month, The Global Brain’s CEO Natalia is jetting from coast to coast to meet with amazing people and organizations, establishing powerful relationships and generally being a tireless force for the P+PP. The rest of The Global Brain team in Boulder are enthused (and hyped up on caffeine) for the awesomeness that this September has in store.