The Post-2015 Action Network to Achieve the Global Goals-Case Study

On July 23, The Global Brain Founder and CEO Natalia Vega-Berry was in New York at United Nations Headquarters to introduce the People+Planet Project (P+PP) as the post-2015 action platform to achieve the Global Goals for sustainable development. She led a discussion at the UN Post-2015 HUB for more than 20 individuals representing different agencies and organizations. Her presentation of the P+PP platform and the ensuing collaborative brainstorm at the HUB, co-hosted by the UN Post-2015 Development Planning Unit Executive Office of the Secretary-General, examined our responsibility to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the new Climate Agreements. Known jointly as the Global Goals, these are arguably the most significant announcements from the UN in 2015, and their sustained momentum after this year is vital.

The P+PP is the only platform for social good designed to do just that.

The P+PP platform encompasses our responsibility in 2015 and beyond to ensure the Global Goals are realized over the next 15 years. The P+PP is strategically created to align organizationsindividual objectives and help them work together to tackle shared challenges and achieve universal objectives. Rooted in the belief that we are stronger together, P+PPs community will form a coalition united to accomplish the goals that will make the world a more sustainable, regenerative home for us and for future generations.

Among the participants at this discussion were: Dan Thomas, UN Secretary-Generals Climate Change Support Team; Nelson Muffah, Head of Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement for the Post-2015 Development Planning Unit with the Office of the Secretary-General; and, representing civil society, Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director with Citizens Climate Lobby.

Accompanied by The Global Brain Principal Michael Tracy, Natalias meeting at the UN was the basis for potential partnerships among groups that can and should support each other and collaborate for common cause. The Global Goals affect all of us. Their success encompasses the quality of existence that our children, and their childrens children, will enjoy.

If not us now, then who and when?

This question has never carried more weight than it does today.

President Obama captured this sentiment well in specific regard to climate change when he outlined his Clean Power Plan at the White House on August 3: Were the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it. We only get one home. We only get one planet.

One home. One planet. The significance of this has not yet been enough to shape our relationship with the earth as her guardians, but we are at a turning point. This year and beyond, it will be imperative for us to examine and augment our sense of social responsibility, in regard to our communities and to our global neighbors.

An integral aspect of this is forming new partnerships that prove to be more tenacious and effective relationships than have existed before. The P+PP will be a catalyst for these new bonds, and a catalyst for meaningful action that fosters our societys necessary transformation, giving businesses the tools to operate sustainably and providing people with the resources to live consciously. Its an international endeavor to champion the Global Goals, and were excited to build the P+PP platform and create a new community dedicated to social good.

We welcome all interested individuals, businesses, organizations and NGOs to join now. For more information about the P+PP and to sign up to join, visit   

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