United Nations General Assembly. Climate Change Summit. 2014 / Kathy Jetnill-Kisner performance.



At a time of increased globalization and an urgent need for commitments to sustainability, Global Brain is a partner to entities seeking to develop and implement creative solutions to global problems that engage people as active participants in the transformation of society, the economy, and the planet, for the benefit of all.

Global Brain’s consulting services on behalf of leading corporations, agencies, government and non-governmental organizations seamlessly blend strategy, creative, education, outreach and advocacy practices -- all of which are rooted firmly in a deep understanding of the global policies that are the road map of our sustainable future.

Global Brain was launched on April 2014 during the Media for Social Impact Summit panel discussion called: "Creativity for Good" Founders Natalia Vega-Berry and Michael Tracy hosted a dialogue conversation with Advertising Industry leaders to ignite a conversation around leveraging creative minds for good. Immediately after, Global Brain hosted the first LAB in the city of Boulder to brainstorm the change from the Millennium Development Goals to the "Sustainable Development Goals". The discussion provided insights on the transition and new policies that were going to be implemented in 2015. This was the beginning of the Global Brain, a Year in which so much was at stake. Then Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was preparing for the Climate Summit which was the start of the conversation towards the what we now call "The Paris Climate Agreement". The Global Brain was asked by The Secretary General Climate Change Support team to develop an initiative that will bring the voice of civil society to the halls of the UN for the first time. 

On September 23, 2014, 26-year-old-poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, from the Marshall Islands, addressed the Opening Ceremony of the United Nations Secretary-General's Climate Summit. A poet and spoken-word artist, Kathy read a poem dedicated to her seven-month old daughter about the looming impact of Climate Change to her home islands and the world-at-large. The moving moment was met with a standing ovation. 




Natalia Vega-Berry



Natalia is a leader in media for social impact with more than 25 years of experience in the creative development, production, financing, and distribution of content and campaigns designed to influence culture and drive positive change in the world. In 2014, she launched the Global Brain  with the objective of partnering with entities seeking to develop and implement innovative solutions that excite people and help engage them in solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Under the Global Brain umbrella, Natalia has created campaigns and unconventional initiatives that support a sustainable, regenerative, and socially responsible future. She has driven collaborations with international partners in all fields of business from progressive corporations to humanitarian nonprofits and governmental organizations. For her recent work, on behalf of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Natalia was named one of the “Top 10 Most influential Media and Communications Executives of 2015" by PVBLIC Foundation and Media for Social Impact.

Her experience includes work for clients like Verizon, Anheuser Busch/Budweiser, Miller, Coors Brewing Company, Procter and Gamble, Splenda, Allstate Insurance, Sears, Honda Motors, Pepsi and Toyota and her work has earned nominations and awards from many of the most renowned international festivals in the advertising world.

Natalia lives in Boulder, CO and likes to spend her time on solo retreats in nature as a source of inspiration and creativity.

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Michael is the Principal of Principium Investments, LLC which builds personalized portfolios based on traditional financial performance metrics, and integrates with ESG and values-based investment criteria. Michael has more than 29 years of experience in the financial services industry, with over 26 years as a Portfolio Manager, and 23 years as a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner. Michael’s commitment to relationships and performance results have enabled him to maintain long term clients, with multiple 3rd and now 4th generation clients. 

Michael combines his investment prowess with beneficial purpose, committing profits from Principium to be used to build social enterprises - self-sustaining profit making companies that also do societal good. Michael is a Founder and Principal of The Global Brain, which brings together creative minds from the advertising and innovation industries to do good causes. The Global Brain has been working with departments and agencies of the United Nations since mid 2014, creating events, building projects, and developing creative concepts to further the mission of the UN.

Michael served for 8 years in the U.S. Naval Reserve and has 27 years of active martial arts training in multiple styles resulting in a Black Belt in Shuri Ryu Karate and a Brown Belt in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jui Jitsu, among other designations. Michael’s three children and two foster children are now also getting involved in service and social enterprise to improve global communities.


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Christopher O’Brien a native of Cape Cod Massachusetts, brings a diverse and uniquely appropriate skill set to the Global Brain Team.  Growing up on the water and deeply involved with the Sea Explorers as a teenager, he quickly came to know the importance of human interaction with and the need for respect for the natural environment.  

After graduating from Fitchburg State University, he attended the US Coast Guard’s Officer’s Candidate School and became a USCG Officer assigned to Governors Island New York as an electrical engineer.  While in the Coast Guard, he settled into the Marine Prevention and Compliance Command, where he regulating the maritime industry focusing on environmental protection and safe vessel operations within New York Harbor.    

Throughout his career, Mr. O’Brien has taken on other related and challenging roles in the realm of large scale events logistics and production, serving as Director of Fleet Week NY for the US Navy, Director, “The Gates NYC” artistic installation removal, and Executive Director Operation Sail Inc.  Most Recently, he served as Maritime director of World Ocean Festival, where he designed, planned and executed myriad aspects of the ocean awareness focused festival supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 for ocean conservation and sustainable use.   

Prior to Working with the Global Brain, Mr. O’Brien served as Director, Programs and Finance for Boeing’s Information and Intelligence Systems Division, where he was responsible for financial control, programs management, and contracting for more than $200M in annual contract obligations.  Mr. O’Brien is married to Diana Schmidt-O’Brien and is the father of two teenage children Jake and Laura.




DJ Spooky aka Paul D. Miller is a composer, multimedia artist, editor and author. His DJ MIXER iPad app has seen more than 12 million downloads in the last year. In 2012-2013 he is the first artist-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC starting this fall. He’s produced and composed work for Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, and scores of artists and award-winning films. Miller’s work as a media artist has appeared in the Whitney Biennial; The Venice Biennial for Architecture, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany; Kunsthalle, Vienna; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and many other museums and galleries. His book Sound Unbound, an anthology of writings on electronic music and digital media is a best-selling title for MIT Press. He has been featured everywhere from Elle to CNN to SyFy.

Miller’s deep interest in reggae and dub has resulted in a series of compilations, remixes and collections of material from the vaults of the legendary Jamaican label, Trojan Records.

DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation was commissioned in 2004 by the Lincoln Center Festival; Spoleto Festival USA; Weiner Festwochen; and the Festival d’Automne a Paris. It was the artist’s first large-scale multimedia performance piece, and has been performed in venues around the world, from the Sydney Festival to the Herod Atticus Amphitheater, more than fifty times. The DVD version of Rebirth of a Nation was released by Anchor Bay Films/Starz Media in 2008.

 Paul D. Miller (aka ) has received the Hewlett Foundation Award and has been  commissioned to create an 11-movement multimedia production for string quartet, vocalist, and an original electronic instrument. The composition will be about the origins of the Internet and what needs to happen to keep it accessible, neutral, and free. TO learn more about Dk Spooky visit his site here







We are at a turning Point. The world is rapidly evolving; social, economic and environmental forces are at work – challenging and blurring the traditional boundaries, responsibilities, expectations and relationships between business, government and nongovernmental entities. We need solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems and no one entity can do it alone. Consumers are lost - anxious and eager to help, but not effectively engaged. Our conclusion: the need for a more collaborative, innovative and creative approach bridging the gap between business, cause and culture.

We believe:

  • The world would be a better place if we all engage in the world’s problems by using our unique skills and brilliant minds to seek and collaborate on the solutions.
  • The answers we need are in the hands of unexpected actors who seek to be engaged.

  • Convening and collaborating across industries and expertises, stepping out of traditional models and mindsets, will amplify messages and results.


Through services in CONSULTING, ENGAGEMENT and LABs, Global Brain is known for:

  • Full service Corporate and Brand Citizenship strategies

  • Serving the planet and the positive evolution of society

  • Devising modern, state-of-the-art solutions that start movements   

  • Leading innovative and visionary dialogues across cultures

  • Actively engaging humanity through awareness and action

  • Fearlessly tackling the world’s largest and most pressing issues

  • Envisioning and producing unconventional, creative content

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