Delta/Shop Small

The Overview: Delta is opening a large hub in Tacoma International Airport in Seattle with more gates than ever before. Delta wants to introduce themselves to the city in a respectful way. Since Seattle is packed with small businesses that give the city its unique character, Delta and Amex are partnering to create physical gateways to those vibrant small businesses, where you’ll enjoy the city at a discounted rate on Delta.

The Ask: Introduce Delta’s additional gates to Seattle. How can Delta as an international brand benefit the city while honoring the small businesses that make Seattle, Seattle?

The Challenge: Delta is a mega brand. Seattle is a city based on indie music and independent small businesses. Meshing the two in an exciting way that is PR worthy and also benefit the community.

The Solution: In an effort to provide awareness and publicity to the valuable small businesses of Seattle, Delta partnered with American Express Small Business Saturday with the mantra, “Shop Small” to introduce themselves.The program: Delta is bringing more gates to Seattle, so we want to bring these gates out into the real world and have them improve Seattle-ites lives by creating foot traffic drivers for small business owners and by providing discount incentives for local shoppers. For prelaunch, a teaser campaign simply stating that Delta is opening more gates in Seattle sets up the city for a pleasant surprise. We then place our iconic gates in front of small businesses around the city to draw attention to the campaign. The gates will be manned by a Delta flight attendant/brand ambassadors who will direct you into the store. Once downloaded, The Gatesapp lets users scan their mobile phone as they walk through the gate and a discount will be sent to their device. Turn on location services on the phone to have the app automatically notify you when you are in the vicinity of a gate with a discount waiting for you.